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How to identify your seal profile

Main Seal Profile Types

In addition to the material they are made from, fridge & freezer seals come in a number of sub-types, based on how they are fitted and how they function

The majority of Commercial Fridge and Freezer Door seals in use at the moment are "Dart" type - with a "dart" or "arrowhead" which pushed into a slot running around the door.

Dart Seals

Some examples of Dart seals can be seen in the picture below

Selection of Dart Types

Flap and Lip Seals

The other common fixing option is to secure the seal with a "Flap" or "Lip" which is held in place by a fixing plate or strip, which is screwed (or sometimes riveted) onto the fridge or freezer door

Examples of Flap and Lip seals are shown below, together with a cross section diagram which illustrates how they fix to the fridge or freezer door

Selection of Flap and Lip Types Types

There are numerous types of fridge and freezer seal, and they can be made from a variety of substances, the most common of which are:-


The majority of Fridge and Freezer door seals have a magnet built into them which holds the door closed, however there are a range of seals used in fridges with locking handles or latches, which do not have magnets, but simply use the compression of the door seal to ensure an effective seal.